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Other Asian Wind Chimes

Chinese Feng Shui Wind Chime

This four bell wind chime is chuck full of traditional symbols of luck and prosperity. Chinese knotting, brilliant red cord, dragons and chinese characters are brought together to create the ultimate lucky charm. Wind chimes and other feng shui decorations can readily be found in China town or asian specialty stores. Retail Price - $20 USD

chinese feng shui wind chime

Chinese Coin Wind Chime

Influenced by the rugged beauty of Western China, this wind chime is tastefully crafted out of ancient Chinese coins, small bronze bells and hand carved wood.  Inspired wind chimes like this are difficult to find, but a joy to own.

Retail Price - $60 USD

chinese coin wind chime
korean wind chime

Modern Chinese Wind Chime

Simple yet complex. Modern yet primal. This wind chime captures the essense of Chinese design and manages to avoid the stereotypical. The beauty is in details like the polished steel tubes, fine wood accents, and perfect balance.

Retail Price - $80 USD

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